AUTOR: Maria Nolasco

DATA: 25.07.2023



01.Puma Blue – Dream Of You

02.Elanor Moss – Sorry Song

03.Niall Summerton – Wish You Could Speak

04.Desert Mambas – Buzz Cut Blues

05.Prima Queen – Crow

06.Tiberius b – HHB

07.Freda D’Souza – The Love Song of J. Alfreda D’Souza

Destaque Abba Zabba: ANHONI and the Johnsons, “My Back Was a Bridge for You to Cross” (7 de Julho)

08.ANHONI and the Johnsons – Silver Ice

09.ANHONI and the Johnsons – Scapegoat

10.There Wasn’t Enough

11.Ella Luna – Vintage Lingerie

12.Purr – Honey

13.Flyte, Laura Marling – Tough Love

14.Tapir! – On a Grassy Knoll (We’ll Bow Together)