AUTOR: João Cotrim

DATA: 28.04.2021


Jim Steinman – Love and Death and an American Guitar/Stark Raving Love (Bad for Good 1981)
Crown Lands – Context: Fearless Pt. I (Fearless: Context Pt. 1 | Right Way Back 2021)
Steven Wilson – Follower (The Future Bites 2021)
Jethro Tull – Working John, Working Joe (A [la Mode] 1980 [2021])
Budgie – You’re The Biggest Thing Since Powdered Milk (Never Turn Your Back on a Friend 1973)

[FREEZE!:// Boogarins – Manchaca Vol.2 (2021)]
No Meio de Tanto Cobertor

Saturnia – Smoking in the Sun (Stranded in the Green 2021)
Exploding Eyes Orchestra – Belladonna (Exploding Eyes Orchestra II 2018)