AUTOR: José Alberto

DATA: 01.02.2023


Dudjah – Chanting Inna Reggae
Tammy Weis – Slow Burn
Camila & The Rhythm Partners – Beat Me To The Punch
Maxiroots – Amazonic Cumbia
The Freedom Chanters – I Man Suffering
Ob.Dub Ft. The Maucals – Treeline
Echo Beach Lifefidelity – Inner Blues
Brisadubsounds Ft. Emilia – Higher And Higher
Dub Plantage – 40 Degrees And Palm Trees
Messian Dread – Man From Galilee (Discomix)
Hornsman Coyote/Manjul/oots Hitek – Healing Brass
Joss Taffari – Ark Of The Covenant
Dub Invasion Records – Disciples Of Jah
Bush Chemists – This Sound
Dubzoic, Lucadread – The Highest Region