AUTOR: Tiago André Sue

DATA: 25.05.2021


Piano Slim – Playin’ Hookey
Linda Hopkins – Mama Needs Your Lovin’ Baby
Cornell Blakely – Don’t Do It
Little Bobby Moore – Do The Ginger Snap
Phil Flowers And TNT Tribble – The Dances
Lola Lola – Somebody’s Always Trying
Lord Luther And The Counts – Tough
Little Esther – Cherry Wine
Etta James – Good Lookin’
Johnny Cool And The Counts – Love Bounce
Lula Reed – Puddentane
‘Baby’ Earl And The Trini-Dads – Back Slop
King Coleman – Lookey Dookey
Finney-Mo – Shake That Thing
Johnny Watson – I Say, I Love You
Big Maybelle – That’s A Pretty Good Love
Billy ‘The Kid’ Emerson – The Whip
Shirley Ellis – The Nitty Gritty
Herby Goins & The Night-Timers – Cruisin’
Dusty Wilson – Can’t Do Without You
Bull & The Matadors – Move With The Groove
Lorenzo Holden – The Wig
The Lon-Genes – Show Me How To Hunch Like That